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DJ 2Tall - 'Beautiful Mindz' LP Cover

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The latest release from the Eclectic Breaks record label is a new long
player produced by 2tall (Jim Coles), featuring Dudley Perkins (aka
Declaime) and Georgia Anne Muldrow on vocal duties. This is a unique
UK/USA collaboration project that combines intelligent lyrics, free
thinking, poetic verse and skilled studio productions, to result in an
incredibly fresh, poignant and positive album.

The album’s title ‘Beautiful Mindz’ is a message to the listeners that
we are capable of much more than we think, and the project itself
reflects that it’s not difficult to put together a unique album of
music with people from other parts of the planet. From their initial
acquaintance to the albums completion, the whole experience was natural
and organic as all great partnerships are.

Originally known for his accolades in the DJ championship world, where
he took home the title of UK DMC Team Champions in 2003 with his crew
the Trusicians, 2tall has been making a name for himself as a producer
over the past few years. His release discography already includes two
albums; ‘Shifting Tides’ on Needlework Records and ‘Loose Ends For
Divination’ on Eclectic Breaks, plus his recent DJ battle tool
‘Peaceful Warrior’, along with several mix CDs, EP’s and 12” releases.
Dudley Perkins is best known for his releases on US label Stones Throw
Records, where he lends his unique voice to many of Madlib’s
productions. Highlights from his releases include the single ‘Flowers’
and album ‘Expressions (2012 A.U.)’, plus the album ‘Illmindmuzik’ as
Declaime on Good Vibe Recordings. Georgia Anne Muldrow is also
associated with Stones Throw, and is their only female signing. Noticed
early on by fellow LA hip hop trendsetters Sa Ra, as well as Detroit’s
Platinum Pied Pipers, the buzz created saw her sound reach the airwaves
of Worldwide with Gilles Peterson on the BBC, and to Peanut Butter
Wolf, who signed her to a two-album deal on Stones Throw, where she
recently released ‘Olesi: Fragments Of An Earth’. ‘Beautiful Mindz’ is
the first ever project from these three combined talents.

From the album’s epic bell chime intro, you know there is a serious
listening experience ahead. Dudley’s striking vocal commands attention
as he speaks about the state of the world, the “fonk”, and the upcoming
year 2012, which many ancient cultures have predicted as a time of
great changes in human evolution. Tracks such as ‘Atall’, ‘Poet Past
The Weak’ and ‘U R’ explore this subject matter further, with 2tall’s
beats providing the perfect carriage for the poignant lyrics. ‘U R’ in
particular offers guidance and positivity to a confused society, that
is often mislead by false idols and the media. There are no lectures or
preaching going on here though, the listener is simply invited to take
what they want from the message conveyed.

Georgia Anne Muldrow’s addictively original vocals take centre stage on
‘Aint That Strange’, whilst elsewhere, tracks such as ‘A Beautiful
Mind’, ‘Newniss’, and ‘Fonkwitme’ balance great songwriting, deep
lyrics and soulful musicality.

Wrapped together with intro’s skits and outro’s, ‘Beautiful Mindz’ is a
stunning album package that will be played again and again for years to

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Dialogue and Random Phase II Wed, 19 Jul 2006 14:45:01 +0000 post thumbnail

Listen to the new Dialogue and Random Phase II right here on

UPDATE: This new release from the Groove of Satyre is a turntablist / producers dream. This piece of vinyl is an outstanding scratch / production tool for turntablists, producers and any live DJ. The huge amount of samples created by live instruments make for excellent beat juggling and scratching.

Dialogue and Random Phase II cover

This record will be available in Australia shortly, you will soon be able to purchase this vinyl (and more) from

Listen to Dialogue side:


Listen to Random side:

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TGOS – Dialogue and Random Phase II Mon, 26 Jun 2006 08:17:51 +0000 post thumbnail

TGOS - Dialogue and Random Phase II

The Groove Of Satyre presents Dialogue And Random Phase II (Analogue Tools for Turntablists and Composers) in partnership with Rane.

The long awaited Phase II of the unique Dialogue and Random series has been released. Check out the video below for an exclusive insight into the making of this awesome scratch tool.

For more info, to listen and buy check out it out at The Groove of Satyre shop

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