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The third and final part in the series (see part 1 and part 2). This one is the same set seen in an earlier post, but worth seeing again, as it has slight variations. Senses Overloaded is Lamont and 2Tall. Visuals by Teknar.

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Senses Overloaded Promo Video 2 Wed, 05 Aug 2009 05:03:50 +0000 post thumbnail

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The second in the series of three promos from lamont (see part 1and part 3). This part showcases the live layering abilities of Ableton Live when combined with a foot controller to sample & loop and progressively create a tune. Lamont drops the layers half way through and rips into some more smooth cuts, then manages to re-introduce the layers he crafted earlier.

Senses Overloaded is Lamont and 2Tall. Visuals by Teknar.

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Senses Overloaded Promo Video 1 Wed, 05 Aug 2009 04:53:16 +0000 post thumbnail

The first in a series of three videos produced and arranged by lamont and 2tall (see part 2 and part 3). Lamont’s smooth style of cuts over some fresh breaks with the assistance of 2Tall make for some good listening.

Senses Overloaded is Lamont and 2Tall. Visuals by Teknar.

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Lamont – Ableton Live 5.2 Turntable Set 2 Wed, 14 Nov 2007 11:19:28 +0000 post thumbnail

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Cuts of Culture II announced Fri, 29 Jun 2007 14:12:20 +0000

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Cuts of Culture 2

Various Artists: ‘Cuts Of Culture 2’

The Podcasts

Eclectic Breaks and Turntable Radio are proud to announce the much anticipated second edition of ‘Cuts of Culture’, the latest installment of our forward thinking compilation series aimed at showcasing the musical talents of turntablists worldwide. The highly successful first volume of ‘Cuts of Culture’ was released in 2005. It was the first ever compilation of its kind with a global line-up of musical talent, including A-Trak, C2C and D-Styles amongst many others. The CD is still selling today and has been incredibly well received by the press, DJs and public alike.

‘Cuts of Culture 2’ returns even bigger and better than before, and is packed with extra content such as video footage, scratch beats and bonus tracks. The project was originally planned as a CD/DVD package, however due to unforeseen problems we were forced to switch format and will now be making the majority of the content from this package available, for free, as a series of podcasts starting in July 2007.

These ‘Cuts of Culture 2’ podcasts will include 6 exclusive videos, bonus tracks, scratch beats, full liner notes and artwork, plus of course the compilation mix from 2tall, featuring more worldwide talent, both known and unknown. This podcast series is the first of its kind and showcases the best of what the turntablist world has to offer in the last few years – from hip hop to glitch, jungle to electronica and house, quality music that just happens to be made using turntables.

The compilation mix features even more worldwide talent than volume 1: from Japan to South Africa, Eastern Europe to the US West Coast. Exclusive tracks come from established and upcoming artists including D-Styles (Third Sight, ex-ISP, ex-Beat Junkies), ieMERG (2xDMC World Champ), Netik (2006 DMC World Champ), DJ Happee, Excess (Styluswars), Dq (Glue) and many more. ‘Cuts of Culture 2’ also highlights the production work of these artists, with established producers including Trash Weston (The Orb), Bichi (Blue Foundation), Exile (Emanon, Mobb Deep), Evil Ed and Bayaka (Japan), all appearing on exclusive collaboration tracks. Finally, following on from volume 1’s ‘Operation Interference’ scratch collaboration project, 2tall delivers ‘Sharpshooters Convention’ featuring Enfoe, Taim, Unkut, Square One, Netik, Captain Cavern and Rafik.

The podcast videos feature DJ Quietstorm (US/Japan), DJ Baku (Japan), Grazzhoppa’s DJ Big Band (Belgium/Holland), 2tall (UK) and Noisy Stylus (Germany). These videos aim to represent the scope of what these artists can do live and in the studio.

Turntable Radio is the world’s only radio show entirely dedicated to the turntablist artform. Since its inception, the show has grown tremendously in popularity, with a worldwide following of some 40,000 listeners tuning in from over 40 countries. Both the radio show and website are focal points for the scene, and have evolved alongside the music and its practitioners. Eclectic Breaks is a multi-faceted music company based in London, specialising in audio productions, club promotions, DJ tuition and street marketing. Eclectic Breaks is widely recognised as the UK’s leading ‘DJ’ company, due to its unwavering commitment to DJ culture. EB also developed the acclaimed Pro X Fade, a high quality, cross-platform, customisable scratch crossfader that has revolutionised the market.

Cuts of Culture 2 is the last instalment in the series – the final statement from Turntable Radio & Eclectic Breaks about the state of things in today’s turntablist world. This is not about DJ battles or who can scratch better than who… this is about the skills and talents of DJs, turntablists and producers worldwide, who are too often overlooked by the media and mainstream radio, and the music they make. The ultimate aim is to show various styles in production and music making from various countries… what they all have in common is the use of the turntable as just another instrument or production tool.

‘Cuts of Culture 2’ is an unmissable multi-media package that represents the true voice and sound of turntablism today!

‘Cuts of Culture 2’ – “ The Podcasts” tracklisting:

Cuts of Culture mix by 2tall

2tall – Intro
Eprom aka Base Bizzard – Action Break
Netik – Synthesiz
Dq – Strike Part 1
DJ Baku – Vandalism
Real Tablist – 6 DJs + 1
DJ Majestik feat. Rizkay– Harmonia
K-Delight – Scratch Club feat. DJ-JS1, J-Red, Woody, Profound & Ironcyde, Universon, Krash Slaughta, Eddie Scratch, Evil Ed & 2tall
DJ Exile & DJ Day – A Day In Exile
DJ Happee feat. Dinoh – Get My Point
Lamont – Senses Overloaded
A.D.S – Cold Mornings
ie.MERG – Midnight, NYC, July, 90 degrees
Taim & Faltmeister – Rendez-Vous
Excess – Ask And I Shall See
Noisy Stylus – Kindness
Manipulate & Thrash – Strontium Sleazewave
Bayaka feat. D-Styles – Edomachen
Phonomorphia – Planète Cerveau 44-3
Bungalow Zen – Frequency
Bichi – Clouds Are Parcelled Out Across My Vision
2tall – Sharpshooters Convention feat. Enfoe, Taim, Unkut, Square One, Rafik, Captain Cavern and Netik


Studio Rarekwai Showcase – DJ Quiestorm video –  Be Quiet ft Twiggy
DJ Baku – Spin Street (live)
Noisy Stylus – Live Showcase
Grazzhoppa’s DJ Big Band – DJ Big Band video
2tall – Live showcase
2tall – DVD extras

Bonus tracks:

African – Hornlife
Tatsuki – Super Sucker Killer
Grazzhoppa – Rockin’ Raw

Scratch beats:

Rudy W – Nonsmokers Are Unattractive
Monkey Hands – Oh Fuck!

+ full liner notes and artwork

More info is available at Eclectic Breaks and Turntable Radio.

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Lamont – Ableton Live Turntablism Mon, 25 Sep 2006 06:00:42 +0000

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Recently there have been two artists – Lamont and 2Tall – that have made me (more) aware of the potential of production software such as Ableton Live. The above video is an excellent example of what can be done (live) with the right combination of hardware, software strong skills and a nice collection of vinyl.

Wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a setup like this. One day gadget, one day.

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Peaceful warrior/Hi-fi series vol. 2 video Thu, 22 Jun 2006 15:59:52 +0000

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Check out this dope little beat juggle/scratch routine by Lamont…

This video is a collaboration between Lamont and DJ 2Tall. Lamont is using DJ 2Tall’s new battle record Peaceful warrior break and Hi-fi series volume 2. Sounds like a nice piece of wax

Respect, a very well executed routine. I like your style Lamont.

For more audio, videos and info on Lamont check out

You can check out a review of this record and buy DJ 2Tall’s fantastic new plastic at TurntableLab. For more information on DJ 2Tall, see his website;

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