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A few days ago InTheMix reported that DJ Shadow was asked to stop mid set in Miami night club Mansion, seemingly as the music was ‘too hard’.

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It all went down on Saturday the 15th December, apparently only 20 minutes in to his set for Shadow’s ‘All Basses Covered’ tour. To the crowds amazement and outrage, Shadow politely left the stage, but not before stating “I’ve waited a long time to play here, but they said this shit is too future for all y’all”, he was playing Krampfhaft’s ‘Spit Thunder’ at the time of being asked to get off.

What is the club scene coming too when the venue decides what gets played or not? DJing has long been about the crowd, and a good DJ, as we all know, will play what the crowd wants. Shadow rightfully stated on twitter following the incident: “I don’t care if I get kicked out of every rich kid club on the planet…I will never sacrifice my integrity as a DJ…ever”. Well said. He went on to state “I appreciate everyone’s support. Obviously I should have never been booked there in the first place. Square peg in a round hole, etc” and “Ironically it was drum and bass that broke the camel’s back(!) Note to self…play more drum and bass!!!”

Funnily enough Miami local DJ Craze is playing this Friday night at the same club and I don’t think I have seen Craze play a set (and I have seen him live a handfull of times) without smashing some drum n bass.

Check out the article on InTheMix here and their follow up article that he will be releasing the set in question publicly soon.

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