Technics SH-EX 1200 Battle Mixer

Posted On: February 21, 2006
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Technics SH-EX 1200 Battle MixerThe official DMC world championship mixer, the SH-EX1200, is stripped down to perfection and built to last. This mixer sports an ergonomically designed, long lasting optical cross fader.

Optical Cross Fader
The ergonomically designed optical cross fader ensures a long life and a smooth feel.

Spare In The Trunk
Easy-to-change spare channel fader stored inside – just in case.

Three Column Level Meter
Easy to read, easy to use three column level meter is ideal for the professional DJ.

Review by $abotage
I have used this mixer for about about 3-4 years and I believe it is one of the best basic 2 channel mixers available. The optical cross fader is flawless – and cuts like a razor. I have given it a very decent work out most days and would have put it thru millions of repetitions, still no fader leak! The spare is still in the trunk!

The EQ produces an excellent sound and is very accurate – not many mixers can crunch like this one – the only hunch being only high/low EQ (not all bad). I believe this will go down as one of the all time greatest battle mixers. The Technics SH-EX 1200 Battle Mixer is designed for and excels in all aspects of turntablism.

A great all-round mixer for scratching, beat juggling and mixing, without all the fancy stuff like panning, 3 EQ (high/mid/low) and cross fader curve. A solid build and smooth faders makes for an excellent mixer. I would highly recommend the Technics SH-EX 1200 Battle Mixer for beginners and advanced DJs alike. If you are getting into your turntablism and looking for mixers – get the turntablist’s mixer – the Official World DJ Championship Mixer.

Two faders up. T T